Industry Leaders’ Thoughts on the Apple Watches review

After making headlines for the last year, the initial round of Apple Watches has arrived. Already sold out in stores, Apple Watches will not be accessible again in stores until June. The cost range for your Apple Watch is from $350 for the most elementary variant to $17,000 for an 18kt yellow gold Apple Watch. Everyone in the watch and technology world have been excited to find out more about the Apple Watch and thoughts on the Apple Watch are all mixed. Some are amazed with the slick design and the helpful programs and functions. Others aren’t quite impressed and several have decided to wait to purchase one until version 2 or 3 come out. Many are wondering just how the Apple Watch will impact the Swiss watch market. We interviewed several of the leaders at the watch business to obtain their opinions on the Apple Watch and how it might affect the selling of luxury watches.
“I don’t feel that the Apple Watch — and all the other smartwatches and watches that are connected — will spell doom for the luxury watch industry. While they share the exact same property, they are worn for different reasons. What may endure are watches in the exact same price range. But only even particular models that that brand provides. If the quartz watch couldn’t kill off the watch, the smartwatch surely won’t. But it will give our industry some food for thought, that’s for sure.”
“I have zero interest in the Apple Watch and’m likely digging my own grave as a watch writer by dismissing it. It’ll compete for wrist space using casual watch wearers who often purchase the 500 style watches but for those who appreciate the artistry and history of the mechanical watches, the Apple Watch will not compete.” Apple is a force to be reckoned with, without a watchmaker should fail the impact the Apple Watch will have on the watch market. But I’m not sold on wearable technology and don’t think it will be the death knell of traditional watchmaking–at least not yet. I believe the most interesting point to keep an eye is that which third party program manufacturers will do in order to try and change the Apple Watch to a must-wear device. What can an watch do that our telephones can not? Lots of smart people are asking themselves that question at this time, and I’m curious and excited to see how they answer .”

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“It’s a big question, and also the one I’m asked most frequently today to be frank. And that I think people expect me to reveal signs of concern. However, the Apple Watch should not be seen as a hazard. But that doesn’t make it the same product. Watch collectors are not suddenly going to consider a luxury watch within an Apple Watch. Instead, they’ll purchase the luxury and a wise watch, and Apple must convince them that theirs is the very best. Exactly what the Apple Watch can do however is get an whole generation to wear watches , because most twenty year olds have become dependent on their telephones to know the time. And I’m convinced that if they start wearing watches that are smart, they’ll get the bug, and seem to the Swiss watch industry next.” I believe that they can co-exist. However my perspective on the ongoing”struggle” is the traditional watch manufacturing business has too much momentum, too much background, too much savoir vivre, just too much emotional appeal to lose to a gadget that is noisy. Obviously I might be wrong. But let’s see what the future brings. The die is cast. Allow the best watch triumph “
These are just a couple of opinions from seasoned luxury watch journalists. What do you think? Do you believe the Apple Watch will have a negative impact on the Swiss watches market?

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