How Bell & Ross became the choice watch for eccentric gentlemen guide

Two buddies can accomplish a great deal when they put their minds to something. Only look at Apple, started by two Steves and a international tour de force. In 1992 two buddies shared a vision that would shake the watch world.
Bruno Belamich (Bell) and Carlos-A. Rosillo (Ross) thought in a mantra that would later shape everything their company would go on to reach:”Form follows function” This company motto which has seen Bell & Ross through from the very start.
We talked with Carlos lately to find out what secrets have helped him place Bell & Ross about the radar of each bizarre gent across the world. Take a peek at the movie below.

pilot's watches

Today, Bell & Ross are famous for their aviation inspired designs that have been embraced by unconventional gentlemen all over the world.
While they may be best known for their square-cased pilot’s watches today, Bell & Ross have conquered Land, Sea and Sky with their timepieces — by a watch that’s capable of moving 11,100m beneath the sea surface to a model designed especially to satisfy the rigorous criteria of bomb disposal specialists.
Rosillo knew that nobody would wear their watches if they did not fit a goal. That is why the manufacturer has partnered with countless organisations from The Space Lab Mission to the French Air Force, to make sure that they could meet the requirements and defy the extreme circumstances faced by these regular adventurers and explorers. And they are constantly sticking to the motto”function shapes kind”.

pilot's watches

The Bell & Ross square-cased watch was born from the wisdom of the designers, engineers, watchmakers and the pros that wear them. The mixture of all these fields ensures that each requirement is fulfilled and it won’t just persist for a lifetime in the field but look good while it’s there.Taking its inspiration from the instruments which you will find in any modern day jet aircraft, the situation design has become somewhat of an icon at the watch and airmen community. It is distinctive in its layout and clear in its presentation.
Not happy with their watches could already do, the new’extreme’ version of the BR 01 premiered — the BR X1. Dubbed the”ultimate usefulness watch,” these chronographs were not just designed to fulfill the criteria of the pilots, but also tomorrows.
Did you know Bell & Ross have some experience with space travel? Now, with the BR X1 range, they are making sure that those who choose to go to space for a short break possess the right timepiece for if they move.
Yet among this innovation, the world-firsts, the watches for explorers and adventurers of land, sea, skies and maybe even area — Bell & Ross still ensure each of their watches fit into a modern gentleman’s style. That’s some accomplishment.

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